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Bushwack is the sound design and audio engineering studio of Jeff Guerra.

With a degree in Audio Engineering from the New England Institute of Art, Jeff focuses today working with clients both small and large, domestic and international to help bring products to life. Incorporating years of influences in music, cartoons, film, and the outdoors, he injects excitement, mood, and reality to every project he takes on.

While quality and focus is a key component of what makes working with Jeff so beneficial, he is also well versed in the whole process of sound design; be it foley work and creating a library of sounds of his own, acoustic engineering setting up a room or booth to capture clarity in the frequencies, using years of music theory and songwriting to bounce a tune along to, all the way to the final editing and exporting of files perfectly optimized for the projects new home.

Furthermore, in his free time, Jeff writes and collaborates on music which can be heard here. He is also part of a music duo with his good friend/collaborator Jeremy, and they post their work onto youtube under the name The Idiot's Lantern. His independent and group efforts have seen commissions and partnerships with Nickelodeon, Oreo, Scholastic, Soup2nuts, Planet Nutshell among others.


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